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Acrylic Bird Cages

 Housing your bird inside an acrylic bird cage is better for you and your bird than any other enclosure. Most bird cages are made of stainless steel bars or PVC coated wire mesh. Acrylic cages, once an uncommon sight outside of zoos and pet shops, can now be purchased by anyone who wishes to comfortably house their bird, while having a cage that is also pleasant to your birds' eyes.

Acrylic bird cages are designed to suit each bird. They are better for many birds, and for many bird owners, than other types of cages. Ventalation is not an issue because the top is open to stainless steel wire or bars.

Five advantages of an acrylic bird cage:

1) You Can See Your Bird! The transparent acrylic material that is used to build the acrylic bird cage allows you to put your bird on display. The interior of the cage can be accessorized to your liking as well, to make your bird's habitat pleasant as well as functional. This includes manzanita perches and hanging bars.

2) Your Bird can Be at Home! Birds enjoy being able to look outside of their cage as much as people like looking in. As well as providing a view, acrylic bird cages easily fit both decorative manzanita perches, Bird-Zerk feeders, Lixit water bowls and hanging toys. This way, the interior of the cage can provide a lovely habitat for your bird.

3) Acrylic Cages Are Clean! Our cages all provide space for an easy to remove tray at the bottom that makes the cage much easier to clean than cages with fixed bases.

4) You can put it where you want it! Acrylic bird cages are versatile. They can be placed indoors or outdoors and can make either a prominent aviary or neat looking addition to existing interior design of your home.

5) Acrylic cages are tough! Acrylic bird cages are made from hard wood and polycarbonate (also called Lexan) plastics. These materials can last for a lifetime, while still remaing to be pieces in a beautiful cage and all hardwoods are protected from bird chewing. Stain choice is always your option.

6) Acrylic Cages Are Affordable! Since Acrylic cages are tailored to fit your bird, they can also be sized according to your price. A custom built acrylic cage should be made to last a lifetime, and should also be well worth the investment.

Our cages are designed to accomodate manzanita perches. They can be easily bolted to the sides.

It's up to you to you now. Contact us today and we can get started on building your bird the perfect home.

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Birds have manzanita perches and climbing walls for excersize!

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